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4POS Android Inventory Viewer


Free Utility for users of 4POS Retail or 4POS SC
Got an Android device? This handy utility will allow you to look up
inventory on your Android phone or tablet.

Use it on the move to:
  • Quote prices
  • Compare prices
  • Ordering at the wholesaler
    Use it for reports:
  • Reorder list
  • Out of stock
  • On order

* Install the utility from the Android market.
* Copy your inventory file to the device's SD card.

Install the utility from the Android market (4POS Inventory Viewer).
Copy the inventory file (film.dat) from your 4POS installation (C:\4POS or C:\4PSV by default) to the device SD card.
From the viewer utility, open the options menu and click Import. Select the inventory file on the SD card.

  • What do I need to run it?
    The program requires Android 2.2 or later.
  • What is the current release?
    Version 2.00