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Bibase Software is a validated YESpay EMBOSS solution partner for chip and pin card processing.
YESpay, part of the Worldpay Group, is a leading provider of Electronic Funds Transfer card payment solutions that provide a competitive merchant package for independent retailers.

Key Features
By using Chip & Pin you can save time re-keying transactions into a separate PDQ terminal, speed up card transactions considerably and reduce fraud. Typical processing/authorisation time for credit cards via the integrated Chip & Pin is 3 to 5 seconds. Supported transaction types are Sale, Refund, Purchase With Cash Back, Customer Not Present and Customer Not Present Refund. Credit Card receipts will be printed on your receipt printer as per your normal receipts. No need to purchase additional rolls for your PDQ terminal. Two copies will be printed one for you and one for your customer.

In order to use Chip and PIN with your 4POS Retail you will need:
  • An existing Merchant Account issued by a bank.
  • Chip and Pin terminal. It can be purchased directly from a supplier like Verifone.
  • Broadband internet connection to process credit card transactions.
  • A YESpay service agreement. You can apply for a YESpay account by downloading and completing the YESpay Bureau Service Agreement and Merchant Application Form.
  • The YESpay EMBOSS software provided with the service agreement.
  • The configuration from 4POS Retail is from the Payments menu, Card processing setup.

YESpay service agreement costs
£15.35 per terminal per month for up to 500 transactions
£19.50 per terminal per month for up to 1250 transactions
£24.50 per terminal per month for up to 2500 transactions
One off setup fee £42.50

Supported pinpads
  • Verifone Secura
  • In certification progress: Verifone Vx810

Comparison between Bank owned terminal and YESpay integrated payments

Bank owned terminalsYESpay SolutionBenefit
StandaloneFully IntegratedNo miss-keying of transaction values
Deployment takes over 2 weeksSetup within 5-10 daysFast time to market
Bank connectivity PSTN dial-up leading to 30-45 second authorisation timesADLS, GPRS, 3GHigh-speed transaction authorisation 3 seconds increased sales efficiency
Overnight polling of transactions Real-time transaction capture Automated transaction settlement overnight
Single standalone terminal Variety of PIN Pads Select suitable PIN Pad for retail environment
One telephone line per terminal One internet line with multiple terminals Significant cost saving
Full terminal exchange leaving no payment facility during replacement Simple PIN Pad swap out in case of failure Continue to transact with manual keyed entry via EPOS
Referral transactions in case of PSTN failure Off-line operation in case of Internet failure (floor limit transactions supported) Continuity of sales within store
Basic x and z reports Real-time web-based transaction reports Detailed reports simplify transaction reconciliation
Limited support provided 7 day help desk Support when required
Rental fees between £15-25 per terminal plus telephone line rental per terminal Low monthly bureau fees from £15.35 EPOS per month Significant cost reductions
No additional applications supported in device Future road map Improve customer retention and increase revenues

4POS Retail setup with YESpay
Install 4POS Retail on the EPoS terminal
Connect the pinpad to a serial port on your EPoS terminal and note the port number. Download the latest version of the YESpay "Easy V Terminal" (http:\\ and install (use the default folder location).

Setting the YESpay Merchant ID and Terminal ID (Internet connection required)
Double click the EMBOSS Setup.bat file (C:\YESEFT)
You will be prompted to enter the Instance ID. Press enter for the default instance
You will be prompted to key in your "Merchant ID" key this in and press enter (this will have been provided by YESpay)
You will be prompted to key in your "Terminal ID" key this in and press enter (this will have been provided by YESpay)
Finally, double click the configuration utility (YESEFTConfig.exe). The settings are:

1. Enviroment must be set to POS
2. Pin Pad: The drop down is set to the Pad you are using
3. Com Port: Set this to the COM port of your pin pad

1. Select File with the YESpay installation folder.

1. Receipt Width: set to match the char width of you receipt printer
2. Print Receipt: Ensure this is checked and the receipt printer selected.

Look n Feel:-
1. Always on top

Running YESpay
To start YESpay running you need to double click on the StartPOSServer icon. It is recommended that a shortcut to this file is put into the startup.
When YESpay is running you will have an icon in the task tray.

Configuring 4POS Retail
The configuration from 4POS Retail is from the Payments menu, Card processing setup.